Fox, smile and close his eye.
What kind of planet they should grow up with

What kind of planet we will pass on to the next generation

the planet that has limited green area to absorb carbon,
the planet that children have to know species from books because many species have extincted.

  • Kuiburi Elephants

    Although wild elephant is not an endangered species, we need to make enough forest so the wild elephants will not come out of the forest to get food. This is to reduce the conflict between human and elephants.
  • Artificial Salt Lick

    Artificial salt lick is one of the wildlife habitat improvement activities of WWF-Thailand in Kui Buri National Park collaborated with Wildlife Conservation Network, government agencies, private sectors, and local communities to help create the abundance forest which is considered as 'home' of wildlife.
  • Water Pan

    An ongoing activity which covers an area of more than 630 acre and aims to expand to 1,200 acre which will cost a lot more and awaiting for your continuously support.